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At our main location, we not only offer golf cart rentals and sales, and more recently E-bike rentals and sales, but we recently received a shipment of our newest product for sale – the Orca reverse trike autocycle. Like many of our vehicles, the Orca is a street legal vehicle that comes with a 17-digit VIN number already in place. All you’ll need to get on the road is a tag and a title. Unlike other vehicles we have available, the Orca is different in that it can drive on the highway – its max speed is approximately 74mph! An autocycle is a three-wheeled vehicle with two wheels in the front and one in the back, different from a motorcycle in that it has a seat inside rather than on top. Our Orca reverse trike is similar to the Polaris Slingshot, a very popular autocycle that is often seen around the south Florida area, particularly around Fort Lauderdale.

Currently, we have several different colors of our Orca reverse trike available for sale now at our main location in Riviera Beach. Below are some images of the Orca autocycle vehicles that we have, as well as links to their page on Prime Cart Parts, where you can read more about specifications and pricing. For any purchase inquiries, use our contact form on Prime Cart Parts to get in touch with someone in the sales department.

NOTE: At the time of writing, the Orca reverse trike vehicles listed below are available at our main location in Riviera Beach, FL. When reading, they may no longer be in-store, but if a specific vehicle model and/or color is requested, it can be ordered and arrive within a few weeks. For more information on purchase inquiries, use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Yellow Orca Autocycle Orange Orca Autocycle
orca reverse trike, orca autocycle, three-wheeled vehicle orca reverse trike, orca autocycle, three-wheeled vehicle
White Orca Autocycle Black Orca Autocycle
orca reverse trike, orca autocycle, three-wheeled vehicle orca reverse trike, orca autocycle, three-wheeled vehicle

Orca Reverse Trike Specifications

Stylish reverse trike packs a powerful 3000w Mid-Drive Motor, utilizing a 72V 50AH battery to provide elevated electric performance in a package that’s as fun to drive, as it is to look at. With dynamic 3-wheel styling and a standard full LED lighting kit, the Orca reverse trike is sure to draw attention day and night. Automatic transmission with reverse, and a low 10.5in seat height makes your ride easy and efficient. Adjustable Coilover suspension and wide Street Compound tires allow the E-Spider to hug the road, while hydraulic disc brakes on all corners keep you in control. Includes standard US 110V charger.

  • VEHICLE SIZE APPROX (L X W X H): 108 x 66 x 38 In




This is also called an autocycle or a trike car. As you see in the photos, it’s a very interesting design. It’s similar to that of a Polaris Slingshot in that it has 2 front wheels and one wheel in the back. As it is electric, this trike is very quiet.
Here are the statistics about this vehicle:
Battery type: 72V 50Ah Lithium battery
Motor: 72v 10kw Wheel Hub DC Motor
Controller: 48V-96V, 460A
Max Speed: APPROX 120km/h (74 mph)
  • 4 point shoulder harnesses
  •  High / low beam headlights
  •  High / low switch
  •  Horn
  •  Turn signals
  •  Hazzard lights
  •  Digital battery gauge that shows voltage
  •  3 wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  •  Emergency / hill brake
  •  External 10a lithium charger
  •  Adjustable seats (forward and back on sliders)
It’s also great that it doesn’t require buying gas and charges using standard 110v.
It is a two seater with both seats equipped with seat belts. This trike has low and high beam lights, turn indicators, brake lights and emergency flashers. It is automatic so you just turn the key on and press down on the accelerator. It does have a reverse mode as well.
OTHER COLORS IN STOCK; Custom paint, Bluetooth radio, and extras are available.
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