Evolution D5 Golf Cart | 4 Passenger Golf Cart | Street Legal LSV

From the currently industry-leading golf cart brand Evolution, the Evolution D5 golf cart is a street legal low speed vehicle (LSV) that comes with a 17-digit VIN number, along with multiple features making it safe for street use, and several accessories pre-installed. Our Evolution D5 4 passenger golf carts have 4 forward facing seats with luxury, marine vinyl cushioned seats, and a powerful 8.4 HP AC electric engine powered by a 130AH lithium battery with a built-in charger. The Evolution D5 also has cupholders on the dashboard, along with a rear storage compartment with a locking lid and locking dash attachments, for security when storing your items. This cart reaches an approximate speed of 24mph, and can be driven on roads 35mph or less. Safety features include seatbelts, headlights, taillights, brake lights, horn, and turn signals.

evolution d5 golf cart, 4 passenger golf cart, street legal lsv

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2023 Evolution D5 Golf Cart Specifications

Features may include:


  • Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO)
  • 17 Digit VIN
evolution d5 golf cart, 4 passenger golf cart, street legal lsv

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  • Your trusted golf cart is a reflection of who you are.
  • Upgrades and modifications give personality and style to your vehicle.
  • A golf cart dashboard adds beauty and functionality to your golf cart interior.
  • The golf car accessories on dashboard are designed to improve the machine’s aesthetics, comfort, and function.


Our lights are more powerful with less drain on your batteries, so you can enjoy the ride worry-free even after the sun goes down.

evolution d5 golf cart, 4 passenger golf cart, street legal lsv

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  • The most important advantage is the compact size and what is included in that compact size.
  • There are sound bars with extra speakers that can be connected wirelessly through the screen.
  • Adjustable light modes with speaker lights beating with music tune.
  • Adjustable Steering Column

The Evolution D5’s adjustable steering wheel is specifically designed to make driving easier and allow the driver to have more control over the driving view/distance between steering wheel and driver, and the feel of steering wheel grips. It works by tilting up and down, depending on what makes it easier for the driver to drive.

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